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5 Ways to generate $1,000,000 in the next 24 months, Even in the Middle of a Pandemic

One of the Biggest concepts that we miss about wealth creation, building generational wealth and building community; is the fact that we need help cross those dividing lines that keeps us repeating these same cycles. We are frustrated at the fact that we can’t seem to put together a plan of action so that everyone can eat.

Think about it for a moment. In one season we are doing Ok, and God is working miracles; and then in another season we are trying to figure out how what happened to the steady stream of wealth that has supernaturally dried up. What do you do when you have lost all control to dictate policy in your own life?

Many times, we panic and allow fear to mentally warp our minds. What this does is creates mental pockets of confusion. Subconsciously you begin to store up dissension (disagreements) in the mind. And in turn you move forward without getting therapy or seeking a mental health professional.

Even if you come out of your dry spot and was able to get things back on track; that same dry spell is soon to occur again. Why? Because you didn’t learn the importance of pivoting and or learning from the breakdown. Breakdowns come before the breakthrough. Below I highlight 5 ways for your make some extra money and become a greater contribution to society.

Build a Community: Stop trying to get rich by yourself. Wealth can only be generated in the context of group. If you can’t trust your friends, or family members find a group of professionals that you can. If your loyalty and allegiance hinges on family like me make it work.

Serve Your best gift to 100,000 people: What is it that you love doing? Singing, dancing, writing, making deals, feeding the poor, helping your family? Whatever it is give that gift away to 100,000 remember. What you give away you actually keep. Do you want to play a bigger game in this life? Change your thinking around the nature of becoming a contribution.

Find 20 Millionaires: Find 20 millionaires and write 1 idea that they used to become successful and 1000X that concept: Turn those ideas into a product/service or some novel idea that can increase your influence in the world. Please remain open to the new norm. This pandemic will cause much upset. Stay close to this community and work the principles.

Know your Worth: Millionaires make on average $526 hourly. Why? Because Millionaires Think Like Millionaires. How can you change your thinking in order to have someone paying you $526 hourly for your game? Let’s say you wanted to be a Business Coach. Currently There are 80,000 people in the world to every 1 business coach that is available to help. It seems like the odds are in your favor. How can you leverage your skill set to get someone to pay you $526 hourly? Go and write down 50 ways to do that, pick 5 and get busy creating the life you have always imagined.    

Sow your way into Greatness: One of the reasons my family continues to thrive in this pandemic is because we Tithe, support charitable organizations, and built an altar. In order for this COVID Death angel to pass over your house you need to be covered and rooted in success. Prayer works trust me but the seed works even better. It’s all about the sacrifice and you willing to build generational wealth and think decade to decade like millionaires think.

In closing, what does your 2030 year look like? If you are struggling to make like make sense in this very moment; I dare you to begin dreaming bigger. Are you going to strip your future to enhance your present? Or are you going to strip your present to enhance your future? Although, the past and future are illusions based on “NOW “being the only opportunity to be successful; How big of a game do you wish to play? To your Success.  

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