Ways Entrepreneurs can enhance Profitability for those with Limited Access to Capital

With Downsizing taking place across the board it’s important that Entrepreneurs pivot and find creative ways to serve their customer base. For some that might mean going back to school, taking some courses on Udemy, entering an entire new industry, partnering with new connections, attending virtual conferences, or giving zoom presentation. The landscape of what the new norm looks like is something that has never been seen before.

As a stay-at-home father and business professional I can speak to the fact that “I am too creative” to allow myself to fall victim to the changing tides of America. This should be your mentally as well. Forgo the notion that things will always be the same even if you feel as if you got a grip on your personal and business affairs. One stoppage regarding any stream of income and the pressure begins to mount.

What you want to do is stretch yourself and keep learning the game. There are experts on every corner concerning banking, financing, marketing, real estate you name it. There is more information available now than it has ever been. If you have access you are blessed but for those who need those types of resources stay plugged into to this content that I will be sharing daily. As an insider I have seen the smokescreens that tries to prevent our success from happening.

I will be the first to say that change is visiting our shores. Whatever you do make sure you are getting out of debt and preparing yourself to buy up this wave of cheap real estate that is about to visit America. Below, I speak of a few ways that can get you thinking a little different about the resources that you may think you need. We all got something to share and if even one of these idaas resonate run to the moon and make it happen.

Here are a few ways to go about enhancing your ability to see opportunity in the middle of chaos…

  • Speak a New Lingo around money: One the biggest hindrances to wealth creation is conversation. Growing up in the black community survival was more of a befitting word than stocks and bonds. We were never in circles that spoke about assert building, wealth creation and financial independence. And because that was the case, we are now adults who can watch YouTube videos about wealth creation but never create no wealth. It is the language that we speak surrounding our financial futures that will make the difference. If negativity around money is in your circle abandon the circle and find a new crew of wealth creator and asset builders. In addition, 16% of minority owned businesses report profits being negatively affected by the lack of capital. And yet it’s the language that gets overlook.
  • Study Apartment Investing: Whether you are into Real Estate or don’t think you have the means for its acquisition think again. We must overcome this systemic wealth barrier and its begins with believing that we can take advantage of these opportunities to build substantial generational wealth. My recommendation is Peter Harris and here is the link to his free book Commercial Real Estate for Beginners which discusses about apartment investing. Just look at Real Estate as a Blind Spot because its something that you cannot see or that may not be come up on your radar because of the current situation you find yourself dealing with in this moment.
  • Play a Bigger Game: This can mean many different thigs to different individuals. Let’s, say you have a credit card balance of $10,000. What steps could you to get that limit up to $100,000? Grant Cardone put out the 10X rule which equates to taking what you have and multiply it by 10. At this stage even if you are not looking to do that or don’t have the means it more about see what it is you already have in your position and potentially expanding upon it. In addition, playing a bigger game could mean mentoring others, taking on new practices like drinking ginger tea, walking 30 minutes daily and the like. Playing a bigger game could mean making our health more of a priority. Health is wealth. Playing a bigger game could also entail making sure we are putting into place measures that not only help us to survive but thrive in the midst of this pandemic.

The objective of these times is to generate new money. It’s not a selfish ambition but more of a contrite effort to become a bigger blessing in the world and help more people get through this pandemic. Biblically, we have been taught that money answers all things which is super true. As with any crisis new opportunities begin to formulate and present new ideas into the marketplace. Remember if you limit your language you limit your world. True wealth is consciousness, and all winners have the best stories.   

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